Women in Tech DK is a community that inspire (gender) diversity in the tech industry.

We do so by creating and supporting initiatives that work to improve the ratio of women working and building businesses in the tech industry.

Women in Tech DK is an open community that encourages everyone - men as well as women - to participate in our events, to join our online platform and to support our mission.


While working at Queue-it I was fortunate to work closely with Camilla Ley Valentin, who has been and still is an incredible rolemodel for me. She encouraged me to go ahead with my idea of a network for female founders and women working in tech startups - and that was the beginning of Women in Tech DK. My vision for WIT is to create a community that through its platform and events helps more women to join a tech startup or start their own business. I believe this will increase the diversity in startups, which will further improve the businesses as well as their products and solutions.

I strongly believe that the world needs more females in the tech industry, and groups like Women in Tech are very important to continue to focus on the gender issue in the industry and also the lack of IT professionals in general. Now, more than ever, we need to encourage young women to pursue a career within technology. It is important to create a more balanced tech startup scene and that we specifically focus on women, who might tend to hold back, and inspire and educate them about technology oriented careers and what it is like to be working in the industry and also to be a tech entrepreneur. 


I know there is so many brilliant women out there who have company ideas and the right DNA to turn their ideas into companies, but I am afraid that many of the ideas will never be executed and send to market, because the women don’t have enough likeminded women as role models. My main goal with being a part of Women in tech is to encourage and help more women to start a tech company, by creating a community where the participants have the same interests. And also I hope I can help and inspire with my experience with starting the tech-company MyMonii.

I attended my first Women in Tech event out of curiosity, but their message and their determination to make it a reality motivated me to join them immediately. I am very proud to be a part of this fantastic team. I am surrounded by powerful and focused women who inspire me to think and act beyond my own limits. I wanted to share this feeling with others so I took up the challenge of creating and driving WIT’s social media strategy. Not only do I enjoy doing this, but I feel that I am contributing to the empowerment of women who want to pursue a career in the tech industry. We try to motivate other females to embrace their inner entrepreneurial power.


"I love the tech startup community because its filled with passionate and creative people who build exciting products. Unfortunately, we are currently not a lot of women.

I’m part of Women in Tech because I believe that the best way to inspire more women to start technology companies is by providing courageous role models and sharing authentic personal stories. I think the most powerful role models are those who you can relate to – not the picture perfect examples. 

Sometimes the best role model is someone just a few steps ahead of you who can break down the (mental) barriers of actually getting started. In Women in Tech we create a community of like-minded people.

I hope to contribute to more role models through Women in Tech – our events and online activities that serve as inspiration and skill building for everyone interested."

Diversity and equality have ever since I was young been two of my core values - and I am a strong believer that a more diverse team, company, and society will contribute to more creative and interesting solutions. Having worked in different male-dominated industries such as tech, banking, consulting and currently in the startup-world, I can clearly see the benefit of bringing more diversity into these industries. I joined Women in Tech to take an active part in building the female tech community in Copenhagen, and to help in the work to encourage women to pursue a career in tech.

Being a female entrepreneur I know the importance of having a strong network of likeminded people, who can advise and encourage you through your journey regardless of how far you’ve come. In my previous role at Google I was responsible for creating and launching a mentorship program for female entrepreneurs in South East Asia Emerging Markets. My key focus was to advise and encourage local female entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals through knowledge sharing. I’ve never been part of a project that satisfied me this much on a personal level, therefore I would love to continue this journey with Women in Tech.  

Since I started my bachelors, where I learned to experiment with technology, I have been involved in the tech scene. I think it is important to realize that technology will shape our future. More and more companies, will have the need for attracting more talented female tech lovers.

When I founded Female Coders at my university, I had the goal to support girls and women in all ages to develop their technical skills and pursue a career within technology. I wanted to create a space, where there is room for collaboration and development. 

My motivation for joining Women in tech is to build a global network for female entrepreneurs and tech lovers together with the other inspiring ambassadors within this team.